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training videos

When you need to find out how to do something, you Google it of course. So what's the second most popular search engine on the web? The one you use when you need to see how to do something? It's YouTube!

Look at your work. Is there anything at all that needs to be repeated and people need to be shown how? Whether it's how to clean the coffee machine or assemble a wobbly-sprocket, a simple video is the answer, hosted on a simple internal website. Training videos! For work quality, for consistency, and a huge time saver. Talk to us!

Video packages are priced by volume of final output.
A typical package might be 15 minutes of video
which could be 15 x 1 min clips or 5 x 3 min or any such combination. We work with you to script, we shoot fast, we delivery quickly to YouTube or Vimeo, and build you a dedicated private web page or video channel to keep it organised, so your staff can see it on phone, tablet or PC.

Would you like a 30 sec TV commercial for web-site? Sure!

Affordable, quality video production for any purpose, but real estate is our speciality. Working closely with many agencies and with the great photography stills from Lumos Imaging, we produce great videos inside, outside and above - to promote your property or commercial development.

Simple training videos are the future!

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