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Based in Sydney, Australia

Stuart first found his passion for photography when, as an 11 year old, received his first Standard 8 movie camera as a birthday present. It didn't take long before he embarked on an elaborate WW2 film set of tanks and balsa-wood buildings, set the camera rolling in slow-mo, staged the battle sequence and burned the lot to the ground. After waiting impatiently a month for the chemist to have the film developed and returned, of course he found he had loaded the film back to front. 50 feet of film with nothing on it. #FirstTechFail

One learns more from mistakes than from successes.

As a 19 year old, Stuart combined his love of filmography and motorsport by attaching a movie camera to his first racing car, a Formula Vee. Which he then crashed and wrecked when he ran out of talent. This time a power failure meant the camera didn't work. (See below)  #SecondTechFail

These formative experiences taught Stuart the importance of getting the shot.

He also learned that enthusiasm is important, but you need ability as well!

So now Stuart makes sure he gets the shot.

When contracted to put six onboard cameras on a bunch of nitro Top Fuel drag cars, he will attach a dozen or more. A few will be acceptable but ordinary. A few will be good, one or two will be
absolute gold. And one will probably be incinerated.

But he'll get the shot.

Whether it's off the shoulder, DSLR, gimbal based 4K, UAV drone, or GoPro or ReplayXD mini-cam onboards, Stu will get shots that will delight you and your audience.

And then, if you want, he will ingest, script, storyboard, edit, grade, add transitions, music, narration, mix the audio and video effects and all sorts of graphics, straps, titles and credits. Then deliver in whatever format you wish from DVD hard media to Vimeo, YouTube or DropBox, or to your own website.


Whether it's a two hour feature film for cinema release or a 30 second TV commercial or a one-minute punchy Real Estate video, or an aerial photo of video of your lovely home, please contact me.

Stuart Greaves

/a very short biography

Message sent. Thanks heaps!

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