Compilation - 2019

If you missed the gig, here are snippets from 30 songs we played at our two most recent gigs. Monkees, Queen, Springsteen, Joe Cocker, Steppenwolf, INXS, Doobies, Robbie Williams, Chuck Berry, Beatles, Blues Brothers, Tina Turner, Bee Gees, Knack, Cold Chisel, Guns N Roses, Elvis Costello, Pseudo Echo, Doors, Deep Purple, Dragon, Stevie Wright and the immoral (sorry I meant Immortal, I was thinking of Gene Simmons) Jimmy Barnes.

Mrs Robinson - The Lemonheads

Fast and thrashy, the latest in our repertoire. Originally by Simon and Garfunkel for the movie "The Graduate", this one sure gets people singing and dancing.

Australia Day 2019 @ Hornsby RSL

Somebody had their mobile handy. Just a snapshot of Australia Day, Voodoo-style. (Suzy on bass that day. Stu taking photos)

FUNKY TOWN - Pseudo Echo

Now this is a top song. Stu just loves the bit where he detunes his E-string. Trouble is, he's gotta re-tune it real fast for the next bit!
Berowra Tavern - July 2019

UPTOWN FUNK - Bruno Mars/Mark Ronson

We do a pretty damn good version of this song, but I thought you'd enjoy this one even more. You'll be dancing just like these people (all original pre-1953 footage). How cool is this? This is the kind of fun we have at our gigs!

Compliation - 26 songs in 5 minutes

Can you name them all. Take the challenge. If you can, claim your free gift-wrapped bog roll at our next gig. Well done!

BORN to RUN - Bruce Springsteen

Always goes down a treat. Not everybody is a fan of The Boss. Until they hear it live.

DUMB THINGS - Paul Kelly

So when CoVid-19 (boo!) sent us all to our bedrooms without dinner, we kept our minds active learning some new songs and doing the isolation dance. Here's one we're looking forward to testing on real people!